About Me

I am a calm, yet, lively and curious person. I am always on the go, developing my skills and learning from all the endless differences that I see in the humans around me and the strength and potential that they hold.


I grew up in Southern Germany, have lived and worked in the UK, and in 2011, I settled in the Netherlands after completing my Master of Science in Industrial and Organisational Psychology. As such, I offer my services in English and German in multiple European countries.

I believe being involved and learning from different experiences and different disciplines are essential and are the key to innovation, ethical digitalisation and resilience. I learn and pass on my knowledge to the future generation as a lecturer at the University of Groningen. I facilitate change and awareness in different sectors such as the film industry, educational institutions and the corporate sector. I am involved in and learn from the community I live in by being the co-founder of a non-profit local initiative. 

Working language: English and German
I use the pronouns she/ her/ hers


Psychological Coach. Agile Change Management. Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy. 

Since 2018, I have worked as an independent coach and consultant to foster diversity and inclusion within the film industry, as well as within cooperate and academic institutions. My focus lies on holistic and sustainable change. My goal is to create human-centred, bias-aware working spaces that can quickly react to changes in the market by building agile organisations. 

I am a licenced psychological coach, lecturer and Agile change manager. My goal is to create  In my work, human-centred work and coaching tools are combined with a holistic understanding of teams, organisations and change.

I believe learning from different perspectives and views is the key to a resilient self. That’s why I have put my energy not only in my academic and professional career but also into developing the community around me and taking responsibility to contribute in the best way I can.


Coaching. Group Dynamics. Design Thinking. Diversity & Inclusion. 

Since 2017, I work as a lecturer and trainer at the University of Groningen (Netherlands) where I focus on creating an inclusive curriculum and academic workforce. I develop seminars for diversity management, empowerment groups and redesign curriculum to make them culturally and gender-sensitive. I use innovative methods such as Design Thinking to activate students and staff to redesign daily interactions, cooperation and work/ study spaces. On the staff level, I am involved in various initiatives focussed on creating an inclusive academic teaching and research force, e.g. by developing and educating on inclusive recruitment processes.

My primary audience is psychology students, business and economic students and staff in the field of science and engineering. At Bachelor and Master level I train teachers and teach coaching courses licensing postgraduate coaches. My expertise lies in Positive Psychological Coaching, Acceptance and Commitment Coaching, Compassionate Mind Coaching, group dynamics, intercultural competencies as well as team development.

Social Change. Social Integration. Empowerment Programs.

Since 2015, I contribute to my local community in Groningen as the co-founder of METiS – women growing together. It is a grass-root community-based initiative that connects women who fled their home countries, internationals in Groningen and locals `Stadjers’ to learn and develop with and for one another. It is a unique initiative as it moves beyond a ‘helping’ mentality and instead is based on the assumption that we all have something the other can learn from and to develop through and with a community. 


Group dynamics
Positive Psychological Coaching
Compassionate Mind Coaching

Design Thinking

Agile Change Management
Leadership Development

Diversity and Inclusion 

Gender roles at work

Intercultural Competence

Unconscious Bias at work

Online Education
Training & Curriculum Development
Evidence-based Methods


Agile Change Manager

Certified by wibas Management consultants Darmstadt ´Agile Management in a Digital Age´. Trained by Jörg Battelfeld und Stephanie Lohß

Intercultural Competencies for Professionals

Certified by University Groningen sponsored by Intercultural Institute. Trained by Dr. Janet Benett

Active Bystander Trainer

Trained by and for University of Groningen Trained by Scott Solder.

Working with Agile tools

Certified by University of Groningen

Coach and Trainer of Young Professionals

University of Groningen