Selena Dolderer

Psychological Coach
Agile Change Manager
Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

My Vision

My vision is to make organisations and the workforce more humane, diverse, inclusive and innovative by breaking through the status quo, rather than reproducing what is already in place. This implies that organisations cannot solve the current issues in our highly globalised and complex world using the methods and solutions of the 20th century but instead find new innovative ways, methods and collaborations. Placing the human at the centre of processes, appreciating differences, connecting with empathy and compassion is the gateway for quick, novel, tailored and sustainable solutions for future-oriented workforces and major organisational changes. In my work, I facilitate meaningful change by engaging in discomfort, questioning norms and creating a flourishing team and task force. Always drawing on evidence-based practices to create humane, safe, bias-aware and innovative working places and empowered team interactions

Working languages: English and German

Contact Me

I am looking forward to hearing about your current problems and collaboratively finding ways to find tailored and evidence-based solutions to your personal, team and organisational complex issues.